Afro Love - Frequently Asked Questions

Afro Love - Frequently Asked Questions

Some of you might have questions regarding Afro Love. This is our FAQ section dedicated to answering your questions. If you have questions that you don't see here, please reach out to us on our contact page: CONTACT

What does this hair product line cost?

The complete line can cost anywhere from $125 - $156, depending on the bottle sizes you choose (10 oz or 16 oz) and the establishment where you purchase it from.

We are currently available at Filedaria Salon in Oakville. You can also find Afro Love at our Online Store:

You can order the products and have them delivered to your home.


What products does this hair product line include?

In Canada the following products and sizes are currently available:

  • Mint Shampoo 10 oz & 16 oz
  • Nourishing Shampoo 10 oz & 16 oz
  • Conditioner 10 oz & 16 oz
  • Hair Soufflé Cream 8 oz & 16 oz
  • Curling Puree 8 oz & 16 oz
  • Leave-In Smoothie 10 oz & 16 oz


There are other Afro Love products out there. When will these be available in Canada?

Yes, there are more products in this line. We plan to bring them to Canada as well, but it’s a process that takes time.

For any hair or cosmetic products to be legally imported into Canada for resale, the ingredients need to be submitted to Health Canada for approval. After, the labels need to be translated (and then printed) to English & French to make sure they follow Canadian law.

It’s important to note that if you buy Afro Love products that have English/French labels, they are legitimate and come into Canada through the correct & legal process and can be legally resold in Canada.


What’s the difference between the two shampoos?

Essentially, the mint shampoo (green label) offers a deep cleanse that removes fat & oil buildup – it can feel intense for some people. The nourishing shampoo (orange label) does a great job at hydrating your hair and reducing frizz – this product can be used more frequently, if you wish.

All Afro Love hair products are free from Salt, Parabens, Silicone & Mineral Oils (Petroleum)


How do I use the products in this product line together?

There are several ways to use the product line, it all depends on which routine you want to carry out. This is the one we recommend for best results:

  1. Deep cleaning: Shampoo (whichever one you prefer)
  2. Hair Soufflé Cream (deep treatment moisturizing mask) – You can try applying it before the washing as well; that works better for some people.
  3. Conditioner
  4. Once you’re done showering, apply the Leave-In Smoothie
  5. And to define your curls use the Curling Puree (curl styling cream)


How do I know if this product line is for me?

Afro Love is a hair product line created for natural hair, Afro hair and hair in transition. It combines a special blend of natural ingredients that stimulates, refreshes, hydrates, nourishes and protects your hair, providing shine, definition and silkiness to each strand.

It’s made for hair textures from 3c to 4c.

All Afro Love hair products are free from Salt, Parabens, Silicone & Mineral Oils (Petroleum)


What’s the L.O.C method?

If you’re looking to maintain hair hydration for longer, the L.O.C method is perfect for you. This method has been proven to retain hydration for at least 2 to 3 days.

L – Leave-In

After washing your hair, apply the water-based Leave-In Smoothie to keep you hair hydrated.

O - Oil

Choose your preferred oil, pour a little on the palm of your hand and distribute evenly over your hair.

C - Cream

Use Curling Puree styling cream to help hydrate your cuticles while maintaining moisture within your hair’s fibers.


What advice can you give me for the transition?

It’s important to understand that the transition is a process. You’ll need to be patient and deal with two or more textures at the same time.

We recommend the BIG CHOP.  Or, as your hair grows, you cut off only the straight parts.

Don’t use a hair dryer or iron.

Make sure to use a hair product line that works for your hair type.

It’s important that you also use protective methods with less manipulation of your hair; wearing accessories like headbands and head scarves can help.