Flow Club

Some clients have been asking us to set up a loyalty program or something that would allow them to come in more often for services while saving some money on the cost.  As a result, we're proud to present Flow Club!


Here's how it works:

The pricing is based on 4 services with a 25% discount for the upfront payment. This is like paying for 3 services and getting the 4th one free! You may use the card to redeem the service up to 4 times. This card no longer expires! Each time you redeem a service, the card will be marked/punched in the applicable box - there are 4 boxes. You may share the card with a friend or family member. Any additional services such as a haircut or colour or relaxer will be charged separately. Card valid for hair length stated or shorter only. 


You must present the valid card in order to redeem the services.  Don't lose the card because any remaining services on that card will be lost as well, and a new card will need to be purchased. There is no longer a time limit to use the services. You can use it 4 times any time you want. This card no longer expires.